Run a COP -style conference with your pupils

This resource from the InterClimate Network will support you to run a COP -style conference for your pupils

30 KS3 KS4 Citizenship English
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1. Run a UN-style Climate Conference

COP26 comes to school

In November 2021, the United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) will be hosted by the UK in Glasgow.

This COP26 in the Classroom resource brings a UN-style climate conference to school and can be run virtually. Student teams represent a range of countries and have to research, present and debate their country pledges and climate challenges, then collaborate to raise global ambition for action.

Activity details

This curriculum enrichment resource brings COP26 to life in the classroom via a sequence of three sessions:

1. The Climate Crisis which poses 6 questions for students to critically discuss the climate emergency.
2. From Paris to Glasgow outlines these vital stages of UN decision making and sets out country roles. 3. COP26 comes to school guides you and your students through your own UN-style climate conference.

First requiring independent research, students will be fully immersed in the challenges, impact and urgency of the global climate crisis whilst developing soft skills (team work, public speaking and collaboration) in their own conference. A teacher pack explains the detail and notes and film links accompany each of the session powerpoints. The student pack gives an overview of COP26 and separate briefings for 18 countries.

Time needed: Sessions can be run in-person or virtually over 3 – 6 lessons or in an off-curriculum session. How to access and run this resource:

  •   ICN will provide access to this free resource via a single electronic link (see this example briefing).

  •   To be run by a teacher with your students either in class or across tutor groups or a year group.

  •   Students use ICN’s on-line Pledge Board to say one action they will do as a result of taking part.

  •   Free training is available to help you facilitate a conference, or request a facilitator