Understand where the UK's gas comes from

Find out where we source our gas from and present the data as a chloropleth map

10 KS3 KS4 Humanities
In the UK we use gas in our homes and schools predominantly for heating and cooking. 85% of UK homes use gas central heating  for instance.  However gas is also used in the UK to make electricity and for industrial purposes.

In 2020, 38% of the UK’s gas demand was used for domestic heating, 29% for electricity generation and 11% for industrial and commercial use.

High prices and gas shortages aren't just due to global instability, such as seen in the war in Ukraine.  Colder winters, such as that of 2021 depleted supplies pushing prices higher.

However, there is no doubt that gas prices will continue to rise and global conflict exacerbates that.

Set your pupils the challenge of finding out where we source our gas from and have them present this as a chloropleth map.

A chloropleth map is a map which uses colour to shading to show data.  In this example below, colours countries according to how many letters are in the name.

If you're new to making chloropleth maps, this website has some helpful advice.

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