Are heat pumps the answer?

Learn about what heat pumps are and why they're replacing gas boilers

20 KS2 KS3 KS4 KS5 Citizenship Mathematics and Numeracy Science and Technology
You already have a heat pump in your house. Do you know where it is?

It’s your fridge! A fridge takes heat out of the air inside it and moves it to the outside. The heat pumps which are used to heat homes work the other way around, they take heat from the air outside and move it into a building. Amazingly, this can even work when the outside air temperature is very cold, because it still holds a lot of energy.

The Committee on Climate Change says that heat pumps are the future for how we heat our homes, they are already the main source of heat in Norwegian homes. But many people in the UK don’t really know very much about heat pumps. So, what is there for us to know?

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