Find your Energy Allies

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Everyone has a part to play in cutting energy waste and reducing carbon emissions in your school.  More than pupils and teachers, your whole school community can make the important changes that will make a difference.

Once you've done some analysis of your energy use in your school, or assessed where else you can take action, you need to find the people who can help you.  
This could be your caretaker or estates team.  Maybe your business manager?  Or it could be the canteen or dinner staff are best placed to help you make a change.

Top tips for get your Energy Allies on board: 

  • Find a time that's convenient for all of you to meet
  • Explain why this is important to you and the school
  • Learn about how they use energy in their job
  • Work together - listen to their ideas and try to come up with solutions together
  • Be polite and considerate - they may have work priorities that mean they may not be able to make changes as quickly as you'd like 

Have a look at the following activities for more specific advice on working with the following Energy Allies:

Your Caretaker or Facilities Manager
The Office staff
Your Business Manager
The Dinner Staff
The Cleaners
The Lunchtime supervisors
School governors

Who will be YOUR Energy Ally this term?