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Things to do

Hey Team! - The amount of electricity your school uses overnight is high. Over the last year you used on average 5.7 kW. In other schools like yours (similar number of pupils), this baseload is  1.5 kW.  Can you bring your baseload down, and save the school £15,000?
Your school's electricity use over the last year was 85,000 kWh and generated 14,000 kg CO2. This is too high. Other schools with a similar number of pupils use 50,000 kWh. Reducing your electricity use to match this level would save you £15,000.  What can you do to help?
Measure classroom temperatures to find out whether you should turn down the heating to save energy
Start a transport survey so that you can find out how much carbon your school community generates by travelling to school

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Energy Sparks supports Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School in partnership with Sustainable Schools Pembrokeshire and Egni Coop