Renewable sources of energy

Freshford Church School, Monday, 12 November 2018
10 Explorer KS1, KS2, KS3

What you did

In our team meeting today we learnt about different renewable sources of energy and discussed which we thought were the best. We learnt about the solar panels we hope to add to our school roof. We are hoping to have 26 panels which will save the school between £1000-£1250 a year off our electricity bill.  The cost of installing the panels is about £9000, and we hope to get some grant funding to help pay for them. We also thought we could do some fundraising via a team stall at the school Xmas Fair involving a generator bike. 

Activity description

The Young People's Trust for the Environment has a good Introductory video explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different types of renewable energy.
The BBC has a good selection of video clips about the different types of renewable energy at:

Summary information on renewable energy can be found at:

Download this poster about renewable energy.

Access the extensive linked resources from our Energy Sparks Blog site at:

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