Share the energy saving message with parents and the local community

Lingwood Primary Academy, Thursday, 09 February 2023
10 Communicator KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

What you did

Posters which our eco-council made are being shared in our school newsletter and social media channels over the coming days! Great work team!

Activity description

Whether you're turning lights off, setting the thermostat lower, cutting out food waste or trying out a low carbon commute, the work you do in school is just the first step.

Sharing the work you've been doing in school with parents/carers and the wider community will inspire your friends and families to make changes in their own homes and workplaces.  Newsletter articles, blog posts, letters and more. Why not be as creative as you can to ensure that parents/carers really pay attention.

This activity has a few suggestions for ways that you can spread the word.  

Don't forget to record each different activity you do to earn more points.  

Remember to send us examples of your work or tag us on Twitter at @EnergySparksUK so we can see the great communication work you've been doing.