Energy Usage…

Annual use

Annual Use (kWh) Annual Cost Change from last year Change in last 4 weeks Potential savings
Electricity 120,000 £14,000 -3.3% -15% £12,000
Storage heaters 64,000 £7,600 -18% -36% £5,300
Energy saving opportunities Potential saving Cost Payback
Reduce your peak electricity consumption
£2,300 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
 Reduce your annual electricity use to match schools with a similar number of pupils 
£12,000 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
Reduce your electricity baseload
£6,400 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
 Reduce your out of hours electricity use 
£3,900 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
Change to or from a differential tariff (eg Economy 7)
£2,396 /year 0p 0 days Find out more

Recent use

(excluding storage heaters)
Storage heaters
(Adjusted for outside temperature)

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Tomnacross Primary School joined Energy Sparks!

Mon 30th Sep 2019

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