We are working with 8 schools in this group.

We carry out daily analysis for all schools to identify the areas where there are the biggest opportunities to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

This page summarises these potential savings across this entire group of schools. Click on a heading to view the savings for individual schools and explore the detailed analysis.

Fuel Schools Energy (kWh) Cost (£) CO2 (kg)
Reduce your annual electricity use
6 287,000 £104,800 42,000
Reduce your electricity baseload
6 169,000 £61,000 24,700
Reduce your peak electricity consumption
7 90,510 £35,700 14,136
Reduce your out of hours electricity use 
6 59,300 £22,000 8,600
Install solar panels
3 33,200 £12,900 5,140