Be an Energy Warrior

Prendergast Primary School, Tuesday, 18 January 2022
10 Explorer KS1, KS2

What you did

Activity description

This activity is designed for primary pupils to think about why it is important to fight climate change through using less energy and to feel empowered to take action as ‘Energy Warriors.’ 

Pupils will: 
  • think about energy and warriors
  • learn why using less energy is good for the planet
  • consider how to use energy sensibly and responsibly in order to protect the planet from climate change by becoming Energy Warriors.

Activity 1
Firstly, show pupils the Energy Warrior image.  Ask them to tell you what they can see. Point out the wind turbines, the cape with the solar panels on and the wind powered wheelchair. Ask pupils what they know about renewable energy sources. Tell them that we can make electricity from the energy from the sun and the wind. Ask why they might think that the character has a light sabre. What do they know about light? 

Now ask pupils to write down three words that they think of when they hear the word energy and three words when they hear the word warrior. You could put these words on the whiteboard or use an ipad to put them on a word cloud such as mentmetre ( 

Tell pupils that energy is everywhere – it provides us with power for our heating, our lights and our appliances and that warriors are strong, brave, resilient and powerful in spirit, some might have a superpower. Most are wise and intelligent.
Ask pupils to think about why they might want to put these two words together? Why do we need to fight for energy?

Activity 2

Ask pupils to reflect on what they use energy for at home and in school. What appliances do they use which rely on electricity? What transport do they use which uses oil such as petrol or diesel?

Ask pupils what we can do less of to help climate change? What do we do that uses fossil fuels? Perhaps pupils could walk more, or ride a bike to local places. Perhaps they could play outside more and play computer games less. 

Activity 3

Now that they know a bit more about energy and warriors ask pupils to draw their own Energy Warrior (using the downloadable template if you wish). Around the head add in what an Energy Warrior knows, around the heart what an Energy Warrior feels and the hands and feet what an Energy Warrior can do.

Ask pupils to share what their Energy Warriors and present them to the class.

Energy Sparks supports Prendergast Primary School in partnership with Sustainable Schools Pembrokeshire and Egni Coop