Zap energy saps

Widcombe Infant School, Thursday, 04 March 2021
5 Home learning KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4

What you did

This activity was set for the children to participate in during Lockdown.  One Year 1 child took on the challenge and explored how to save power in her house. She discovered that taps shouldn't be left on for longer than needed and put a message reminding family members to turn off the taps in their downstairs bathroom which is where they do most of their handwashing. She then created a poster to remind her family to switch off lights when they leave a room. She stuck the poster under her bedroom light switch and her mummy reported that the poster had worked because having initially left the light on when left the room, the child then ran back to switch it off!

Activity description

Make sure you record this activity for each time one of your pupils completes one of these activities at home.

Energy Sparks supports Widcombe Infant School in partnership with Bath and NE Somerset Council, Schools Climate Network, Bath and West Community Energy, and Bath Hacked