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Summary of recent energy usage

Use (kWh) CO2 (kg) Cost (£) Potential savings % Change
Electricity Last week 398 62.5 £59.70 n/a -4.0%
Last year 21,300 3,480 £3,190 none -14%
Gas Last week 2,460 518 £73.90 n/a +24%
Last year 73,200 15,400 £2,200 none n/a
Electricity data: 14 Jun 2010 - 29 Nov 2023. Gas data: 3 Oct 2022 - 30 Nov 2023. More information

Act on energy usage

Last year you used 1,800 kWh of gas and 690 kWh of electricity in the Xmas 2022 holidays. Turn off your heating, hot water and electrical appliances to save around £160 this year. 
Watch out - term time gas use has increased by  23% costing an extra £14 each week. Check whether heating thermostats are set to 18°C to save energy.

Recent energy usage

We do not have enough data at the moment to display this chart
We do not have enough data at the moment to display this chart

Energy saving opportunities

Cost saving
per year
Reduced emissions
per year
Delivery cost
Reduce your out of hours gas use
£150 1,100 kg CO2
0p Find out more
Reduce your out of hours electricity use 
£210 230 kg CO2
0p Find out more
Improve your thermostatic control
£75 520 kg CO2
£1,000 Find out more
Install solar panels
£520 640 kg CO2
£5,700 Find out more

What's been going on?

2 actions

Turned off fridges and freezers in the school holidays

Wed 25th Oct 2023

Completed an activity: Take longer term action to promote sustainable and energy saving travel to school

Tue 10th Oct 2023
3 actions

Completed an activity: Hold a sustainable travel theme day

Fri 22nd Sep 2023

Upgraded IT servers

Fri 15th Sep 2023

Completed an activity: LED Lighting

Fri 1st Sep 2023
1 action

Completed an activity: Appoint pupil energy monitors in all classes

Mon 19th Jun 2023
2 actions

Completed an activity: Run a regular assembly about saving energy

Tue 16th May 2023

Completed an activity: Understand how our transportation choices impact the environment

Tue 9th May 2023
1 action

Started working towards an energy saving target

Tue 1st Nov 2022
1 action

Completed an activity: Label lights and appliances to show which should be left on or turned off

Mon 10th Oct 2022

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