Create an energy saving display

Widcombe Infant School, Friday, 12 March 2021
20 Communicator KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4

What you did

As part of their Transport topic last term, the children in Reception explored how different types of transport can affect air pollution. They explored how transport has changed throughout the years and investigated which mode of transport were better or worse for the environment. They carried out surveys of the traffic on the roads near to the school and talked about carbon footprint, air pollution and the detrimental effect of vehicles idling outside school on the quality of air. They also recorded who walked, scooted or biked to school. The children discovered that coming to school without the support of a fuelled vehicle was far better for the environment and healthier for them too. We are fortunate that many children live close to the school so are able to come to school without the use of a car.

Activity description

An eye-catching and informative display in your school will raise the profile of your Energy Sparks activities and also engage more pupils, staff and visitors to the school.

This activity gives you some suggestions about what you might want to include.  We'd love to see your boards - they're great inspiration for other schools! - so please send us a photo of your display.  Don't forget to record this activity!

Energy Sparks supports Widcombe Infant School in partnership with Bath and NE Somerset Council and Schools Climate Network