Declare a Climate Emergency

Widcombe Infant School, Thursday, 12 March 2020
75 School staff led activities (e.g. policy changes) KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4, KS5

What you did

The Palladian Academy Trust of which Widcombe Infant School is a member of declared a climate emergency in December 2019. We communicated with the parental community through a newsletter everything we were currently doing to save energy (see link) and as an individual school we declared a climate emergency in March 2020. We are actively committed to continuing to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Activity description

Schools are responding to the global youth climate strikes by examining how they could be channeling their pupil's passion into meaningful action.   For many, this means exploring the idea of declaring a climate emergency.

The schools below were the first in the UK to declare a climate emergency:   
Bristol Grammar School

Each responds to the emergency in their own way but all have a pupil-centred response, empowering students to take action and make positive change for the planet within their schools.    

Energy Sparks supports Widcombe Infant School in partnership with Bath and NE Somerset Council and Schools Climate Network