Understand why COP26 was important

Widcombe Infant School, Monday, 01 November 2021
10 Explorer KS1, KS2

What you did

During a whole school assembly, the children were shown a short clip about COP26 and the WWF Forest Of Promises initiative. During a discussion, the children were able to talk about what promise they as individuals would make to the world. E.g. Turning off light when they were not needed to avoid wasting electricity, planting a tree, turning the tap off whilst brushing teeth to save water, having showers more regularly than baths, picking up litter, recycling more etc. They also talked about what promises they would like world leaders to make. These included planting more tree, reducing deforestation, making cars powered by solar rather than fossil fuels, making electric cars more affordable, cutting carbon emissions etc. 

In their classes, the children across Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 created individual leaves which we collated to make a tree of promises. Our school tree will form just one of the trees within the Forest of Promises to the world.

Activity description

Watch this animation produced for Wicked Weather Watch.


If you can't log in to vimeo to watch the video, you can watch it on our Twitter feed.

Suggested activities:

Together we can
Think of something that you can't do your self but that you can with the help of your classmates.  Make a display showing all the thing that we can accomplish when we work together.

Our COP26 wish list 
What would you ask Global Leaders to do to help save the planet?