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Annual use

Annual Use (kWh) Annual CO2 (kg) Annual Cost Change from last year Change in last 4 school weeks Potential savings
Electricity 99,000 19,000 £15,000 +24% -4.7% £5,500
Energy saving opportunities Potential saving Cost Payback
Reduce your electricity baseload
£4,600 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
 Reduce your annual electricity use to match schools with a similar number of pupils 
£5,500 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
 Reduce your out of hours electricity use 
£1,800 /year 0p 0 days Find out more
Install solar panels
£1,900 /year £14,000 7 years Find out more
Change to or from a differential tariff (eg Economy 7)
£3,132 /year 0p 0 days Find out more

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What's been going on?

January 2020
1 action

Completed an activity: Set up an Energy or Eco team to lead on energy efficiency at your school

Tue 21st Jan 2020
September 2017
1 action

Roundhill Primary School joined Energy Sparks!

Fri 1st Sep 2017

Roundhill Primary School Staff

Roundhill Primary School Pupils

Energy Sparks supports Roundhill Primary School in partnership with Bath and NE Somerset Council, Schools Climate Network, Bath and West Community Energy, and Bath Hacked