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Summary of recent energy usage

Use (kWh) CO2 (kg) Cost (£) Potential savings % Change
Electricity Last week 7,120 1,040 £1,070 n/a -9.8%
Last year 406,000 60,300 £60,900 none n/a
Electricity data: 27 May 2022 - 30 Nov 2023. More information

Act on energy usage

There is a large variation in seasonal overnight electricity usage from 36 kW in the winter to 28 kW in the summer. This suggests electric heating is left running overnight during the winter or the school has inefficient security or flood lights. Change electric heater settings and improve lighting efficiency to save £1,200 annually.
Last week, electricity used at night decreased by 30% compared to the average over the last year. Keep this up and the school will save £11,000 over the next year. 

Recent energy usage

We do not have enough data at the moment to display this chart
We do not have enough data at the moment to display this chart

Energy saving opportunities

Cost saving
per year
Reduced emissions
per year
Delivery cost
Reduce your out of hours electricity use 
£14,000 15,000 kg CO2
0p Find out more
Reduce your electricity baseload
£17,000 18,000 kg CO2
0p Find out more

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